Twin Shopping Tips

From Moms’ Who’ve Been There!
Compiled from the message boards

We asked the moms of twins on our message boards what their best shopping tips were: Which items to buy two of, which nursery necessities they only needed one of. Read these shopping tips for expectant mothers of twins to get gift ideas for expectant moms.

Stuff for Two

My personal opinion is to get two cribs, two swings, and two bouncy chairs. The swings and chairs gave me some sanity: they helped keep them napping for a little longer so I could catch up on some sleep.

Buy lots of bottles and storage bottles if you plan to breastfeed and pump milk (the Anna Nursing Pillow worked well for me). As for breast pumps, I recommend an electronic pump it saves on your wrists, especially since you'll need to double the haul.

If you fear that they it’ll be hard for you to tell your babies apart (if they’re the same sex), get the same sleepers and clothes but have one always in blue other in green or pink and purple.

As they get older, I highly recommend buying two of most of your toys. My girls fight over toys if there's only one. And definitely get 4 car seats – two for each car so you don’t have to remove them – and two infant carriers for the first few months because it is a lot easier to just leave them in there and strap them to the Double Snap and Go stroller.

When they get bigger, I recommend unloading the extra bucks on car seats that turn into booster seats, since it will save money. For strollers, I personally like the side by side ones. The bus ones are better for the malls, but make sure you find the lightest one possible -- those double strollers can be heavy!

Elva Maria
Mom to Fallyn and Kailyn

Food Factor

And this sounds crazy, but having a lot of disposable plates, cups, napkins and utensils made life easier. I suggest that for anyone with a new baby. It is especially helpful when you have so many visitors since they will eat while at your house. It was such a help not to have dishes to clean. 

Mom to 20-month-old twins

Toy Duos

You definitely need a lot of bottles. (I think I had about 20.) I only had one swing and it was fine, but you definitely need two bouncy seats -- those were a savior for me! I had two Boppy pillows for when they were learning to sit. 

They do fight over toys a lot as they get older. I think they should learn to share, but it’s easier if you have two of whatever they are fighting over.

Mom to 21-month-old twins

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