Twin Pregnancy Challenges

Compiled from the message boards

Expecting multiples? We asked moms of twins on our message boards what the biggest challenges were that they faced during pregnancy. While their pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester are similar, mothers carrying twins experience unique challenges as they move into the third trimester. Check out what had them reeling before their babies’ births.

Is It Time?

I think the hardest part for me was that everyone kept telling me I was going to deliver early, and by the time I reached 38 weeks, I was frustrated since I had mentally prepared to go early.

Mom to Adam and Sean

Aches and Pains

My biggest problem was that at 29 weeks, it felt like there just was no more room for my babies, and my ribs felt as though they were going to crack at any moment. Around 34 weeks my ribs went numb, so that pain stopped. But then I had horrible back pain and horrible swelling in my legs and feet; it was much worse than my first pregnancy. My tummy grew to about 48 inches. I hardly got one good night’s sleep from 6 months on. I tossed and turned and got up to pee and tried to get comfortable. My poor husband didn't sleep at all either.

But I always loved feeling both of them move - double the pleasure, double the fun!

Mom to Adyn and Bradyn

Feeling the Burn

My babies were very active. I thought it felt neat when they both moved around, and I would just sit and watch them turn in my belly for an hour or two sometimes. I was pretty active, always swimming and walking a lot. I only gained 35 lbs and I was all belly, so I also had heartburn in the last month.

Elva Maria
Mom to Fallyn and Kailyn

Get Movin’

At the end of my pregnancy, I couldn't get up off the couch or the bed. I would just roll onto the floor then climb up holding onto the furniture.

Mom to Scout and Lexi

Double-Trouble Kickers

My biggest challenge when I was pregnant was my twins kicking all the time. (It was not uncomfortable but it did interrupt my sleeping.) No sooner would one stop when the other would start. It was constant chaos in my belly! One would kick during the day and the other at night - never a dull moment! My doc and I actually saw them kicking each other - he said they were going to come out fighting and now they do love to wrestle, but they love each other very much.

Mom to identical twin sons

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