Young Moms: Best Shower Presents

Get baby-shower gift ideas for expectant moms and make sure she receives the most common baby things a new parent needs.
Compiled from the message boards

Whether you’re attending the baby shower of a young mom-to be, or are yourself a teen who’s expecting, here’s a list of the most-wanted gifts, according to the women on our Young Moms message board. Add your own thoughts at Here's what they appreciated the most or wished they'd have gotten.

A cute, fashionable diaper bag.  I hated all the diaper bags I had gotten from the hospital - they were just blah!

Mom to Kayla

A swing. It’s the best! Mothers get clothes, cribs, etc. … but the swing for a young mommy is definitely good.

Mom to Emi

What I found that came in handy were diapers and wipes. I didn't have to buy my own until my son was 2 months old!

Mom to Andrew

Formula. Call your local stores to see if it could be exchanged later in case it wasn’t the right kind. We have WIC and Food Stamps but some months we are still buying formula and baby food out of pocket.

Mom to Owen

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