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Get tips for expectant mothers from women who have been there. From poignant to practical, there’s pregnancy advice here for you.

We asked our young mothers on our message boards for their best advice for other young moms who have just found out they’re pregnant. Here are their thoughts, tips, and tricks.

Keep your head up and ignore rude comments. People are very harsh and ignorant, but you’ll learn to get around that.

Mom to Kayla

People don’t always want to understand that being 30 and married isn’t necessary to be a good mom. My advice to all the young moms out there is just to do your best, and do what you feel is right for you and your baby. I know how scary is it but you can do it! Stay in school, don’t give up on your dreams, and hold your head up because you have a lot to be proud of.

Mom to Tatyana and Juan

Don’t let other people’s ignorance get to you!

Mom to Emi

Listen to your own heart not the nagging voices of the nay-sayers around you. You know what's best for you and your little one – no one else does.

Mom to Lily

Call your mom (and dad!) and tell them how much you love them. You'll understand so many things now that you're pregnant with your own.

Mom to Michael

Stay strong and finish school. That is so important. I was able to graduate with my class, and it was hard but I knew I had to do it for my kids.

Mom to Mercedes and Eduardo

The best advice I could give for a young mom who just found out she's pregnant is to SLEEP!  The days of going to bed late and waking up whenever you want are over. I'd also tell her to get as much support as possible from everyone she can because it is truly an emotional roller coaster.  I would also tell her to relax and enjoy it because it is really the most amazing experience.

Mom to one son

Don’t expect things from your baby or yourself.  Saying, “Oh my baby will do this at one month," or, "I will not let my child do this or that," or, "I will not do this as a parent" sets you up for a big let-down. Also, try not to let people bother you when they ask if your child is a boy or girl even though they are decked out in blue or pink. Do what I do and hang a sign from the stroller: "She's a GIRL."

Mom to Chloe

Dont flip out. You will be ok and you will make it just fine by taking it day by day and enjoying that baby growing inside of you. I was a young teen (16) when I found I was pregnant with twins. I freaked out at first, but everything turned out to be OK. And even though I was actually a single parent for the first 5 years of my babies’ lives, I have made it just fine on my own. Good luck to you all, and know that you can do it!

Mom to identical twin boys

I had my son at 20 years old, and the best advice I can give is to just take it one day at a time. Realize that you're young enough to have all the energy in the world for your child, and make sure to find others in your community within your age range with children to form bonds with. 

Mom to 2-year-old son

I often think to myself, "Where would I be today without my daughter?" The answer is quite scary. Would I have finished college? Perhaps not. I see myself as having been some sorority girl that partied her way through school. Having a child that young gave me a purpose and a reason to get my butt through school ASAP. Although life doesn’t always turn out just how you thought it would, things happen for a reason.

Mom to Alexis and Ethan

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