Teen Moms’ Biggest Joys & Frustrations

Compiled from the AmericanBaby.com message boards

From “helpful” tips for the expectant mother to weight gain during the second trimester, pregnancy can be frustrating and fun at the same time.

Having a baby when you’re young can present a lot of frustrations, according to the moms on our message boards, but it also can be the most amazing experience of your life. Check out what these women said pushed their buttons when becoming teen moms, and also what they love about parenthood.

Age Is Important

It bugs me that people think I must be a bad mom because I am young (21). I don’t like being judged for my choices.

But the good thing about being a young mom is that we are young enough to be able to play with our grandchildren when we have them. There are fewer chances that our babies will be born sick or that we will get sick having them. I am proud to be a mother and so should every other mother. This is the toughest job and the most rewarding.

Mom to Adrianna and Marshall

Preparing for Changes
I would tell any young mom the same thing I would tell any mom: It will change your whole life! There is good, there is bad, you get through all of it and in the end you make this innocent baby that has unconditional love for you. It is scary, but you have to stay positive! There will be things you regret – maybe even the timing of when you had a baby – but you will never regret having one.

Mom to Preston

Finance Troubles

I have lost my independence because now my life revolves around my son. Right now I can't work because I can’t afford daycare. My baby’s father works, but because we're not married he does not feel financially responsible for me, just the baby. I’m also frustrated when I see how simple my friends' lives are and I long for those carefree days. I love my son, but it is definitely a life-changing experience.

Mom to one son


The thing that frustrates me the most about being a teen mom is that we get looked down on. We deserve a lot more respect then what people give us. We love our kids just as much as someone in their 20s, 30s, or 40s.

Mom to Mercedes and Eduardo

Fashion Matters
My biggest frustration? The lack of cute maternity clothes at good prices!!!

Mom to Michael

Keeping Up

The most frustrating thing is trying to catch up to or keep up with what other people your age are doing and continuing to care for yourself and baby. Right now I'm trying to go to college like all of my friends, but I also work full time and have a 15-month-old baby girl. They don't.

Mom to Kayla

Dealing with Rudeness

I would agree that one of my biggest frustrations being pregnant was the way other people reacted to me. They looked at me like I was inexperienced, as if I hadn't lived a long enough life yet to know what I was doing. One lady told me, "Oh my, you’re still a baby yourself and you're bringing another baby into this world?" It was very irritating. I don't think that just because I am young that I will be a bad mother. It’s true that I didn’t have time to graduate from college, but there are women that are a lot older than me and only have a high school diploma. I don't think it’s very fair to look down on someone because of their age.

I know that I am a great mother and I guess that that is all that matters. Don’t let yourself think any differently. If you are excited, take good care of yourself, know what is going on and be prepared, then you will be a great mother as well.


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