Teen Pregnancy

Young mothers face unique situations such as a slew of helpful tips for expectant mothers and a lack of baby things a new parent needs. Find gift ideas for expectant moms and useful advice here.

Young Moms: Best Shower Presents

Get baby-shower gift ideas for expectant moms and make sure she receives the most common baby things a new parent needs.

Teen Moms' Biggest Joys & Frustrations

From “helpful” tips for the expectant mother to weight gain during the second trimester, pregnancy can be frustrating and fun at the same time.

From Our Readers: Teen Mom Advice

Get tips for expectant mothers from women who have been there. From poignant to practical, there’s pregnancy advice here for you.

Teen Pregnancy Books

For a book on any subject, from the first signs of teenage pregnancy to one that details day-to-day fetal development, see our list of resources.

Here's your chance to put your adorable baby on the cover of American Baby magazine!
•Pregnancy 101

•Maternity Bra Sizer

•Quiz: What Kind of Dad Will He Be?

•Answers from the Ob-Gyn

•Find Out When You’re Due!

•Inspiration Layouts

Find your favorite baby names - and the meanings, origins and traits associated with them!

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