What Made You Think You Were Pregnant?

Compiled from the AmericanBaby.com message boards

See which very early symptoms of pregnancy other women recognized and get clues on the earliest signs and stages of pregnancy. Changes in tastes or energy are two of the most common, though small, tip-offs.

My daughter was four months old when I started to feel very tired, and all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't think anything of it – after all, I had a 4-month-old and was working a full-time job at a daycare. Anybody would be tired! And then I missed my period. Number two is on the way!

Steph, mom to Jenna and Travis

With me, my taste buds changed. I wasn't nauseated or anything, but when I had dinner one night the food just tasted incredible – I had never had anything like it before. I could suddenly smell things a lot better, and absolutely couldn't stand the smell of certain things, such as eggs.


I knew something was up when the thought of beer made me nauseous – I love beer. So I took a pregnancy test the morning of my husband’s birthday and it was positive. I walked in the bedroom woke him up and said "Happy birthday, Daddy!"

Lindsey, mom to Preston

I've never kept very good track of when I was supposed to start my period. I would just get cramps a few days before, so I'd know it was coming. Well, I started complaining to my boyfriend at the time that my breasts were really sore. He replied, "You do realize that you were supposed to start your period over a week ago, right?" I was like, "WHAT??  Are you sure?" I went to the store and bought the cheapest test thinking that it was just so I could prove to him that I wasn't.  He was asleep when I took it and it turned positive within seconds. I woke him up and put the stick up to his face. I asked him, "Do you know what this means?"  He just smiled and rolled back over.

Kristin, mom to Nicholas

On the day I was due for my period I went to the doctor's because I thought I had a bladder infection. After the test, my the doctor came in and said, “Well, you do have a bladder infection – and you're pregnant!” I cried and laughed at the same time.

Mom to one daughter

I actually just had a feeling. I was only a day-and-a-half late (and I wasn't that regular anyway), but it turned out my intuition was right!

Amy, due soon

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