How Did You Break The News About Your Pregnancy?

Compiled from the message boards

Find out how other women recognized their very early signs of pregnancy – and told their family and friends about it. Sharing the news that you’re going to have a baby can be done simply, sweetly or as a fun surprise. See how some moms-to-be told their husbands they were pregnant and how some couples broke the news to their families.

Secret Agent

My husband is a detective so I planted the positive test in his drawer where he keeps his gun and badge.  When he got home I met him at the door as normal. It seemed like he was taking forever to go upstairs and get changed out of his clothes. I couldn't get rid of my stupid grin. So when he finally went to our bedroom I followed him as usual and lay down on the bed – I couldn't stand it though so I hid my face. When he opened the drawer I peeked at him with one eye and he just stood there staring into the drawer. He finally picked the test up and asked me if it was a joke, an old test from having my daughter. I said no. I wish I could say he instantly got excited but he was in shock. He sat down on the side of the bed and asked if I was serious. He couldn't believe we were pregnant only weeks after getting married. Now he's excited about the baby, but the initial shock sure had to wear off, though!

Mom to Ava

Wearing It With Pride
After my tests came out positive, I ordered a shirt I had seen from a catalog. It came in within the week. That Friday, on our date night, I gave my husband a gift bag after the movie in the parking lot. He said "Uh-oh, what's this? Did I forget something?" I laughed and said "No – open it, silly!" 

He opened the card which read “Congratulations” on the front, and inside said “Congrats On Your New Job!” I signed it, "Love, me.” He looked at me with a confused look and said, “New job?” But then he unwrapped the shirt, which read: "Fatherhood, the toughest job you'll ever love," under a picture of a big pair of daddy workboots next to a pair of baby shoes. I also included the pregnancy test. He looked at it for a minute and then got this huge grin on his face and asked, "Is this for sure?!?" And so I told him about my adventures at the doctors, and when our first prenatal appointment was. Much laughing and kissing and mushiness followed, and we’ve been as happy since!

Mom to Jared

Special Delivery
We sent both my parents and his parents a bouquet of flowers. The message on the card was from our older daughter, which read, "Guess what? I'm gonna be a big sister!" Then we just waited for the phone calls!

Tricia, due soon

Christmas Miracle
We found out we were pregnant right before Thanksgiving, but I wanted to wait until closer to 3 months – Christmas time – and after our doctors’ appointments until I told my family, just to be safe. Luckily at our first appointment we had an awesome ultrasound done; usually at 9 weeks its really just a peanut-blob, but ours had little arm and leg buds, and really looked like a very small baby shape. I made copies of this and put each into frames that read "I love Grandpa" and “I love Grandma,” uncle, auntie etc.

On Christmas Eve our families got together for a big party, so it was perfect! We passed out these wrapped gifts and he asked everyone to open them at the same time. As his dad was opening the frame, my husband said to him, "Well, the presents are kind of on order, so this is just to let you know..." His dad looked at him crazy, and then he saw the frame. His dad jumped up and started showing everyone his frame saying, "I'm gonna be a grandpa!!" We had a great time answering questions and accepting hugs and congrats from everyone. There were quite a few toasts that evening, and even though I was sad I couldn’t toast with them, it was our most memorable Christmas Eve yet.

Angie, due soon

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