Pregnancy Worries

Compiled from polls

There’s a lot of health advice for soon-to-be moms, so see how well other women obeyed their doctors’ tips for expectant mothers.

Even despite all the tests and doctors visits and helpful reading moms undertake during pregnancy, there’s still sometimes that glimmer of “What if?” Should baby be moving more? Is using a microwave dangerous? Before you decide you’re the only one having frantic fears, consider these readers’ concerns:

Highest Ranks

Indeed, there's a lot to worry about when you're pregnant. We asked 457 visitors to tell us what they were most concerned about during their pregnancy.
- 44% worried about complications.
- 27% had fears about labor.
- 19% were concerned about nutrition.
- 7% were apprehensive about sex
- 3% had other unspecified concerns.

Testing, Testing…

There are loads of sophisticated prenatal genetic tests that are available today. Of the readers we polled:
- 74% said they did not/will not have prenatal genetic testing
- 21% of new/expecting moms said they planned to/did have genetic tests during their pregnancies or were considering doing so
- 5% were undecided

Sober Confessions

Doctors advise pregnant moms not to imbibe at all during their pregnancy. We asked 5,086 visitors whether they even had a sip of alcohol while they were pregnant. The results?
- 59% said “No, I never did or would”
- 21% said “Yes, and I was confident about it”
- 17% said “Yes, and I felt guilty”
- 2% said “No, but I would”

Gets in Your Eyes…

Most women abide by the wishes of their doctors and don't smoke during pregnancy. We asked 1,175 new/expecting moms if they smoked during pregnancy.
- 87% said they did not
- 13% said they did

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