Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

Compiled from polls

For some families, preparing for baby’s big entrance comes with a fanfare of pre-delivery shopping, showers, and reading up on what’s to come in the months ahead. For others, they’re content picking up diapers on the way home from the hospital.

It seems like tips for expectant mothers come from everyone, so find out how other moms prepared for their baby’s arrival – from choosing baby names to decorating the nursery. We asked moms a slew of questions about how they geared up to be parents, and here were their thoughts. Where do you fit in?

By the Book?

It appears that Web sites, books, magazines, and television are a greater source of pregnancy information for moms-to-be than family members and friends. We asked 291 visitors to tell us where they were getting the bulk of their pregnancy information:
- 35% said the Internet.
- 27% said books.
- 26% relied mostly on magazines.
- 9% said family and friends.
- 2% cited other unspecified sources.

Delicate Decisions

If you give birth to a baby boy, you'll face one of your first big decisions as a parent: will he be circumcised or not? According to a poll of 3,250 visitors:
- 84% of respondents will/did circumcise their sons.
- 14% will not/did not.
- 2% aren't sure.

By Any Other Name…

Once expecting parents choose a name for their baby, few hesitate to share the chosen moniker with family and friends. We polled 537 visitors, who confided:
- 81% said they will be sharing their children's names with family and friends
- 19% said they planned to keep their babies' names a secret until after the birth.

Nursery Matters

Getting baby's nursery together can be an expensive proposition. We asked 496 visitors to tell us how much they did/will spend to decorate their baby's nursery. Here are the results:
- 51% said they'd spend $300 or less.
- 31% cited expenses of $501 to $1,000.
- 18% said $301 to $500.

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