Planning a Family

Compiled from polls

Planning a first baby – or a fourth? Families take so many different shapes and sizes today, and parents have very different ideas of how theirs should look compared to the ones they grew up in. Find out what our polls say about family planning and see how many women are actually surprised by their very early signs of pregnancy.

What’s My Number?

What's today's ideal family size? According to an online poll of 713 visitors:
- 45% said that two children was ideal.
- 29% said three children was perfect.
- 10% said the ideal family should have four children.
- 9% preferred families with only one child.
- 6% favored families with five children or more.

There are more surprise pregnancies than you might think. According to an online poll of 552 visitors:
- 56% of respondents said their pregnancies were planned.
- 44% said they were a complete surprise.

Getting Started
It seems as if some people can get pregnant simply thinking about it. Other women struggle for years with infertility before successfully having a child. According to an poll of 982 women:
- 32% had been trying for one or two months to get pregnant.
- 27% said their pregnancies were a surprise.
- 13% tried for more than a year.
- 10% tried for six months to one year.

Is Age Just a Number?

Women who visit our site appear to fit the description of "young mothers." We asked 1,604 of visitors to tell us how old they were when they gave birth to or adopted their first child. Here's what they told us:
- 32% were between the ages of 20 and 24.
- 27% were 25 to 29 years old.
- 18% were 16 to 19.
- 17% were 30 to 35.
- 6% were 35 or older.

What's the ideal age difference between children? Of the 483 new and expecting parents who took an online poll at
- 43% said two years was the ideal spread.
- 33% said three years was perfect.
- Less than 10% of parents said they believed that one year, four years or five years between children was ideal.

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