Your Most Fertile Times

Are you and your partner trying to have a baby? If you are, it seems like everyone has advice for you. Read these straightforward tips from Joel M. Evans, MD, in his book The Whole Pregnancy Handbook (Gotham Books, 2005) and be prepared to start thinking about baby names.

To conceive, a woman should have sex …

When you’re in the mood. This is “one of the body’s signs that you’re in a fertile period — and the majority of my patients do conceive that way,” Evans writes.

Between periods. Women are most fertile when an egg has been recently released from her ovaries, which is called ovulation. Ovulation occurs about 14 days before the day your period begins in a regular 28-day cycle. But, Evans says in his book, “it can occur anywhere from 12 to 16 days before.”

And if you don’t have regular cycles? “Have daily intercourse starting three days before the earliest possible ovulation day,” Evans writes.

Often. “Abstaining makes sperm stale, so have sex whenever you feel like it before your fertile period begins and as often as is comfortable during the days leading up to and including ovulation,” Evans advises

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