Use your ovulation schedule like a baby conception calculator and learn what times of the month you’re most likely to get pregnant. Also find out how keeping track of elevated basal temperatures can help you start a family.

Planning a Family: Readers Speak Out

Find out what our polls say about family planning and see how many women are actually surprised by their very early signs of pregnancy.

Basal Body Temperature: What It Is, Why It Matters

Get an explanation of what basal body temperature is and find out how tracking your elevated basal body temperatures can help you conceive.

Your Most Fertile Times

If you’re trying to have a baby, it seems like everyone has advice for you. Read these straightforward tips and be prepared to start thinking about baby names.

Predicting Ovulation

Charting ovulation can be difficult, so read this reliable advice from an expert. Find out how keeping track of elevated basal temperatures can help.

Here's your chance to put your adorable baby on the cover of American Baby magazine!
•Taking Care of Your Newborn

•Due Date Predictor

•What’s Your Pregnancy IQ?

•Talk With Other Young Moms

•Personalized! Your Pregnancy Calenda

Find your favorite baby names - and the meanings, origins and traits associated with them!

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