How Your Baby Grows in the Final Trimester

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The countdown is really on in this final trimester: Baby starts to run out of room in the following weeks, but still has some important development left to do. Find out what leaps and bounds your baby is making, for example, fetal development at 29 weeks usually includes the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. Here’s what’s happening in these last three months.

Baby’s Due In…

…12 Weeks

Now your unborn baby weighs almost 2 1/2 pounds and measures close to 16 inches in length. Baby is becoming rounder and the hair on your baby's head is getting longer. In addition, eyebrows and eyelashes may have developed now.

…11 Weeks

Your baby now weighs close to 3 pounds and measures a total of almost 17 inches in length. Babies born between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy are considered full-term infants. If born before 38 weeks, a baby is considered preterm.

…9 Weeks

By this week your growing baby weighs about 3 1/2 pounds and measures about 18 inches in length. Baby's body is filling out as fat begins to accumulates. Your baby's skin is a healthy color, and now may have hair.

…8 Weeks

By this week your baby weighs almost 4 pounds and the total length is almost 19 inches! If your baby were born at 32 weeks of pregnancy, he/she would likely survive and thrive.

…7 Weeks

Baby is growing rapidly, weighs a little more than 4 pounds, and measures about 19 inches. Your baby is gaining weight rapidly now, as much as half a pound or more every week!

…6 Weeks

Your unborn baby weighs approximately 5 pounds and his total length is almost 20 inches.

…5 Weeks

Your baby weighs over 5 1/2 pounds and measures a total length of just over 20 inches.

…4 Weeks

As delivery approaches, your baby's growth has slowed, but has still been gaining about half an ounce of fat a day. Baby may weigh anywhere from 6 to 9 pounds and measure 17 to 22 inches.

…3 Weeks

Your baby weighs about 6 1/2 pounds right now. The crown-to-rump length is about 14 inches, while baby's total length is around 21 inches.

…2 Weeks

At this stage, your baby probably weighs a little more than 6 1/2 pounds. The length, crown to rump, is about 14 inches and his total length is about 21 inches.

…1 Week

Your baby probably weighs a little more than 7 pounds by now and is around 14 inches in length from crown to rump with a total length of about 21 inches.

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