Pregnancy Confessions

Compiled from the message boards

When you’re pregnant, it seems that advice comes from everyone you meet and everything you read. People want to talk about everything from your baby's day-to-day fetal development to your own health. Here, real moms talk about whether they followed doctors’ orders and friends’ “helpful” hints regarding their – and their baby’s – health during their pregnancy.

Lighting Up

Most women abide by the wishes of their doctors and don't smoke during pregnancy. We asked 1,175 new/expecting moms if they smoked during pregnancy.
- 13% said they did.
- 87% said they did not.

Stretch Mark Stress

Are you stressing out about stretch marks? Don't. They're a natural part of pregnancy. When we asked 746 new/expecting moms whether or not they did/do have stretch marks as a result of pregnancy:
- 74% said yes - they had/have stretch marks.
- 26% said no.

Heavy Thoughts

Most doctors advise you to gain somewhere between 15 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. We asked 371 new/expecting moms how much weight they gained while pregnant and here's what they told us:
- 61% gained between 21 and 40 pounds.
- 13% only gained 10 to 20 pounds.
- 13% gained 41 to 50 pounds.
- 13% gained 51 pounds or more.

Not everyone is in optimum shape when they find out they're pregnant. When we asked 575 visitors what they weighed right before they found out they were pregnant:
- 50% said they were of average weight.
- 40% described themselves as overweight or obese.
- 10% reported that they were underweight.

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