Your Pregnancy Life

Find out how other moms dealt with the signs and stages of pregnancy as well as how it affected their lives.
Compiled from polls

When that first pregnancy test proved positive, you were prepared to buy cute baby clothes, arrange a nursery, even manage morning sickness. But did you set yourself up to deal with jealous friends and resentful co-workers? Here, real moms reveal how pregnancy affected their lives in ways they didn’t expect.

Friend or Foe?

Many first-time expecting moms say that their relationships with some friends changed as a result of the pregnancy. According to a poll of 722 visitors:
- 48% said that some friends pulled away from them as a result of their pregnancy.
- 44% said their relationships with friends remained unchanged.
- 7% were not sure.

Feeling Sexy

Sex can be as good - or better than ever - after pregnancy. Just ask's new/expecting parents. When we asked 310 of them how pregnancy had affected their sex lives:
- 44% said that their sex lives were as good or better than before they got pregnant.
- 55% said that pregnancy had put a damper on their sex lives.

Pregnancy can have some positive effects on a woman's sex life. When we asked 328 visitors how pregnancy affected their orgasms:
- 73% said there was either no change or orgasm was more satisfying.
- 27% said their orgasms were less satisfying.

Workin’ Girls?

It seems most expecting moms plan to change their work lives once baby arrives. We asked 263 visitors whether or not they would/did ask for flextime at work after giving birth.
- 75% said yes.
- 25% said no.

Maybe women can't have it all. When queried 589 new/expecting parents about whether or not they thought maternity leave would/did jeopardize their career:
- 44% said they believed their careers would be negatively affected to some degree.
- 40% said their careers would not be affected.
- 17% said they did not consider themselves to be "on a career path."

Beauty Battles

Pregnancy comes with its own special set of beauty challenges. We asked 588 visitors to tell us what beauty issue gave them the most problems during pregnancy:
- 43% cited skin.
- 20% said teeth or some other unspecified beauty challenge.
- 15% chose hair.
- 2% said nails.

Not all women rush out and purchase hundreds of dollars worth of maternity clothes. According to an online poll of 323 visitors:
- 61% said they or their partners purchased the bulk of their maternity clothes.
- 33% said they either received maternity clothes as gifts or hand-me-downs.
- 4% said they got clothing through local or online clothing exchanges.

Women may have self-image issues when they're not pregnant, but the majority of women express satisfaction with how they look during pregnancy. When we queried 720 new/expecting moms and asked them to describe how they felt about their pregnant bodies:
- 56% were very pleased with how they looked.
- 31% said they felt slightly self-conscious/awkward.
- 12% said they didn't feel at home in their bodies anymore.

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