Pregnancy Calendar

Follow the signs and stages of pregnancy through the nine months you carry your child. Use our guide to each trimester to fill in your pregnancy calendar with interesting details.

The First Trimester

After you’ve recognized the very early signs of pregnancy and found a baby-conception calculator, learn what pregnancy symptoms you can expect in the first trimester.

The Second Trimester

Learn what to expect from the fourth, fifth, and sixth months, including the average weight gain during the second trimester of pregnancy.

The Third Trimester

Your fill-in pregnancy calendar is running out of room by the final trimester of pregnancy. If you haven’t already, it’s time to consult the top-ten baby names list!

Your Pregnancy Life

Find out how other moms dealt with the signs and stages of pregnancy as well as how it affected their lives.

Here's your chance to put your adorable baby on the cover of American Baby magazine!
•Search Hundreds of Baby Names

•Test Your Pregnancy IQ

•“I’m Pregnant. Now What?”

•Quiz: Is It a Girl or a Boy?

•Watch Your Baby Grow!

Find your favorite baby names - and the meanings, origins and traits associated with them!

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